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We offer the best in DeLand Lawn Service

Looking for the best in DeLand lawn service? Look no further. We hope the following will tell you a little bit about who we are, why we’re different, and why you should give us a shot. If there’s anything you’d like to know about Ridgway and Sons’ Deland lawn service, let us know… We’d be happy to answer and add it to our list.

Are you really this passionate about this kind of grass?

Yep! When i was young, I offered to cut my grandfather’s grass one day. He would have none of it… he had a certain way he did his lawn. He didn’t explain it, and wasn’t interested in training me in his art form… he just made it clear that no one on earth could do it as well as he did. It’s clearly a genetic thing.

If i sign up, am i limited to a specific day?

Not at all. Why shouldn’t your lawn care service be as flexible as you need it to be? You’re hosting a party on a Wednesday night but your lawn day is Thursday? Your in-laws are arriving on Saturday and the grass was last cut on Monday? Just give us a few days notice if possible and we’ll do our best to accommodate. We’re small, we keep enough slack in our schedule to allow for special visits as well as inclement weather.

Am i limited to the “every 7 days” routine?

Absolutely not. In peak season, St Augustine grows fast. Many companies will compensate for this by scalping it each time they show up. Any book / expert on turf will tell you that ideally, you shouldn’t cut more than a third of your grass’s blades at a time for the healthiest lawn. While we will do weekly service if desired, we’re flexible enough to offer more frequent visits during the growing season. Our own lawn? I cut at a height of 4.5″ and mow as frequently as every 3-4 days in the summer and as rarely as 2-4 weeks in late fall/winter.

I prefer to handle the lawn myself, but i travel on business sometimes. Are you willing to service our property even though it would be infrequent and sporadic?

Is “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” the best Beatles song ever? We’re hoping customers like you make up a large segment of our customer base. Take vacation / business trips? Are you snow birds who like to handle things yourself when you’re in town? Came down with something and you’re just too sick to get out of bed this weekend? You just need to call us.

Do you use commercial equipment?

Check. We use Exmark and Stihl commercial equipment exclusively. Tough, built for the long haul, and as reliable as we are.

Will your equipment damage my lawn?

Nope. Our mowing fleet is primarily comprised of Exmark 30″ commercial push mowers. They weigh a little more than a typical 21″ mower you might find in the “big box” stores. We have larger walk-behind and zero-turn equipment as well and they have their place on larger properties. But running a zero turn on a sub-quarter acre lot is in our estimation insane.

Are you really “that” good?

Yes. Give us just one visit and we’ll prove it.

Do you do fertilizer and pest control application?

‘Jack of all trades – master of none’ – one of my favorite adages. When we owned our first house, with a quarter acre lot, i was willing to experiment with this and did pretty well but grubs and chinch bugs hit us a few times and it grew tiring. My neighbor’s front lawn was destroyed with one application of who knows what by a professional. Frankly, i don’t want to be around the chemicals anyway. With our current property, i use someone who’s been doing it for years. I’ve used several companies over the last 16 years and i can say without reservation that Sam @ Soren’s Lawn Care has been the best by far. Please let them know we sent you 🙂 Together, we can give you a lawn that is the envy of your neighborhood – we truly offer the best in DeLand lawn service

Are you licensed and insured?

We are legit. We’re licensed in both DeLand and Volusia County and carry commercial liability of $1M/$2M. In addition, we carry workers compensation, commercial auto and inland marine on all equipment.

How do you set up your contracts – we currently have an annual contract and pay year round?

We’re flexible. We understand asking you to pay the same amount year round even in months where we come less often seems odd to many. We still offer that if you want (thus reducing your monthly charges during peak growing season as a result), we also can offer you pay-as-you go options. We’ll work with you and arrange what you deem to be the ideal agreement.

Will you beat my existing lawn guy’s prices?

Possibly? “You get what you pay for” – another favorite adage of mine. We offer top notch work at a price point we think still offers our customers great value. We’re not interested in low-balling just to beat a competitors price by a couple of dollars and we’d rather not waste our time or yours engaging in it. Give us a shot to bid, we think you’ll find we’re quite competitive.

What areas do you service?

We are licensed for operation in both Deland and Volusia, and we intend to stay local with a focus on our own “back yard”. That includes nearly all of western Volusia: Orange City, Debary, Deltona, Enterprise, etc.

Can you provide any references?

We were wondering when you’d ask…

“Your yard always looks so beautiful!”
“You do great work”
“Love the hash marks!”
“you do 8 different patterns? eight?”
“we now have the second best lawn in the neighborhood, next to yours”

Seriously, we can provide references upon request.

We offer flexibility in a DeLand lawn service company that you need but didn’t think existed. Click the contact option or pick up the phone today.

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