Lifting the shell…

The chassis on this unit was essentially scrap and we knew that going in. Rusted and the torsion axles were bottomed out with little play. Gross weight (GVWR) on this trailer was 7100 lbs. Simply not beefy enough for the appliances and everything we’ll be loading her with. Before purchase i had spoken with Roger @ Amp Trailers about building a custom / replacement frame to make sure we had a path forward.

Last weekend Ben, Conrad, and I with the goal of building the gantry cranes by Saturday and finishing cleanout and lifting the shell. With very little daylight left, we hit the target.

Another shout out to Greg and the good folks at All Quality Products where we got the bulk of the lumber.

A new (ad)venture

After selling the lawn business, we kicked around several ideas on what we should do next. Restarting Jenny’s catering operation ended up being the one we kept coming back to. We knew we needed to be mobile and considered turn key options (new and used) and embarking on a bus or an airstream conversion.. In the end, the vintage airstream idea seemed classic and the theme we really wanted (and didn’t require a class B license to drive in a commercial setting like the bus would have). After spending a weekend driving around looking at a few options, we decided on one about 2 hours away in Brooksville. Demo had been started by the owner but he realized he didn’t have the time to complete such an undertaking. Demo is my favorite part of every project, but it saved us a weekend or two of work.

International Sovereign 31′ (unlike most modern travel trailer labeling, that’s tongue to bumper)
Birthdate: 4/11/1975

Our unrealistic goal in terms of time frame and budget: have her up and running by year end 🙂

Stay tuned as we try to complete this in just over 4 months